Small Format Printing.

Why use digital offset?

Digital Offset Printing is becoming quite a common way to print since it is economical and has many advantages. As a team of graphic designers in Malta that embrace technological innovations, we’re pleased share the benefits with this type of equipment. Here are some of the most mentioned advantages of digital offset to the traditional offset method used in most printing presses.

Since there are no colour separations or plates, every one of your prints can vary or be completely different.

It is excellent for rapid prototyping, or small print runs which means that it is more accessible to a wider range of clients.

It generally requires less waste in terms of chemicals used and paper wasted in set up and so it is much more economical.

Cheaper options are available on the market. Then again, you get what you pay for. We satisfy our clients with express delivery schedules and top product quality.

Business Cards.

Your business is more to you than just a day job. It’s a calling, a passion and you want to see it grow and prosper. We have made it our job – our calling, our passion – to deliver high-quality, reasonably priced marketing materials to small businesses like yours. Business cards are only a small part of what we offer. But their value to your business is immeasurable. Just ask these customers who have bought business cards in the past.

Grab – and keep – attention with a design that’s sure to stand out. A dash of colour on your business card will add not only flair, but also meaning. Select colours that help illustrate features of your company – if your company is bright and fun, choose a business card with vibrant hues. Inspired?

To make an impactful first impression, you need the right information. Here are some essential elements you need to create an effective business card. Once you’ve got these tips down pat, you can design your own.

  1. Job Title. Let contacts know who you are and what you do.
  2. Contact Information. Include a phone number, email, website and social media profiles.
  3. A Visual. Upload your company logo or a photo of you.
  4. Breathability. Allow for white space in the design. It gives your message space to breathe.
  5. A Message on the Back. Add your company motto or tagline, or even an inspiring quote.

Choosing a smart, well-crafted logo is the simplest and most effective form of marketing a business can invest in…and it’s the first step in designing a great business card.


Your company’s logo creates an image and your brand identity system communicates that image. A range of creative solutions will enable your company to make a memorable impression on customers. From business cards and letterhead to pocket folders with step sheets, you will find a range of suitable options.

Booklets & Magazines.

Your business has a lot to offer and there’s no better way to sell multiple products and services than by putting them in a high-quality booklet, manual or handbook. Let our staff of experts entice your customers or other businesses by showing them the products and services you have to offer. We’re the booklet printer you’ve been looking for.

Posters & Flyers.

Most people are used to be faced with so many Posters and fliers that people are starting to ask if it’s even still worth running them. Our answer is obviously: YES, but they need to be good!

Infact, designing and distributing eye catching Posters and Fliers is just one of many effective offline marketing strategies that work well today.


Effective Menus mix a well planned layout and well-written description. Good menus avoid crowded layouts and unnecessary graphics. Infact, the ideal menu design and finishing should offer a reflection to the catering establishment itself.

Whether formal, casual or playful, Menu design should also reflect your restaurant theme, concept and location.