Large Format Printing.

Vehicle wrapping.

Vehicle Wrapping is the common description for graphics which are applied to cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats or any other vehicle as either a form or mobile advertising or customising a vehicle to enhance its appearance giving it a personal flair. These can be applied to the entire vehicle or parts of it hence the terms: Full Wraps or Partial Wraps. As experienced graphic designers in Malta, there isn’t a vehicle wrap that we cannot do.

Flags & Banners.

Flags are a great way to draw attention to your business or your event. Whether it is a grand opening, a sale, an open house, or letting customers know that you are open; flags are the product for you! All of our flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process – this means that the ink goes through the fabric instead of sitting on top of the fabric. This creates a vibrant, eye popping print.

We produce beautiful custom flags for any digital printing projects. Depending your project requirements and artwork, we can advise you with the best printing method for your custom flag project, even if your design/artwork is complex graphics, high-quality photographs, or requires full colour printing process for lots of colours.

Displays & Exhibits.

On average, an exhibitor has just three seconds to communicate key brand messages to passersby if it’s at a shop display or a Trade Show.
Infact it’s never been as important as today to produce not only show stopping exhibit design but also unique displays and show stopping structures.


Fabrication of wallpaper is constantly evolving and developing to become an important segment not only in the world of Interior Design, but also with effective branding in offices and catering establishments.
Most of our wallpaper surfaces offer a plastic upper coating which makes them washable, light-restistant and relatively cheap but also extremely durable which makes them the ideal candidate for frequently used rooms. They can also imitate wood, stone, concrete etc or even have your company branding incorporated.