Our Services.

Graphic Design.

Brilliant graphic design is vital in communicating your brand. From logos to distributable material, we produce work that reflects the ethos of the client in every aspect. Just click ‘more’ to see a list of items that we can design for you.

Small Format Printing.

Letterheads, business cards and envelopes to A5 booklets, posters and invitations, we do it all. Also, you’ll find out that very few can match our package price, quality and on-time delivery.

Digital offset printing is one of the most asked for services lately within our group since it is the alternative to traditional offset.

Our main tool within Delta Media Services is a digital offset printer making it ideal for flyers, brochures, stationery, business cards, tickets and posters amongst others.

We can also deliver all other customised services with regards to hotfoil printing, embossing and lamination.

Traditional Offset, although quite economical with big runs of print, is not viable when printing less then 300 copies of posters, flyers and the like. With Digital Offset this isn’t the case and it is especially ideal if one has small runs of print up to 500 copies or even larger runs of business cards and flyers.

Large Format Printing.

Large Format Printing refers to print materials that are too large to be printed on the most readily available size of commercial printing presses…also sometimes called wide format or grad format printing. It requires the use of speciality production equipment that accommodate bigger than normal print dimensions.

In the printing industry ‘large format’ is actually a relative term since maximum sizes vary from printer to printer, but generally speaking it can be used to get attention from afar, to provide quick reference or to provide a large visual use.


Promotional merchandise are products branded with a logo or slogan and distributed to promote a brand, corporate identity or an event. These product are another important tool in a company’s marketing and sales strategy.

Practically anything can be branded with a company’s name, logo or slogan, and their use involves branding in such a way as to create a specific visual effect, thus attracting more attention.


We see signage every single day – they’re an essential part of life. Drive down the street and you’ll be confronted with road signs indication which speed to drive or the direction to your nearest point of interest. At the workplace you may see health and safety signage all over the place. Then pop into your local store and you’ll notice that they will also have their main sign as well as opening hours plus displays of discounts and deals.

Our in-house signage workshop has a unrivalled experience in producing signage for companies and organisations. Further to this we are able to sign and produce bespoke signage solutions, advertising hoardings and building wraps.